Counselling is a type of talking therapy which allows people to work through problems, difficult feelings or behaviours in a safe and confidential setting. A counsellor can help you work through problems, help build coping strategies and a greater understanding of yourself. This doesn’t mean that a counsellor will tell you what to do or make decisions for you, but will work through the decision making process alongside you, and explore with you what would be best for you at this time.

Counselling sessions are usually weekly, and last 50 minutes, but there is often flexibility around this. The first session is often used as a way for you to get to know the counsellor and the counsellor to get to know you and what you would like to use counselling to work on. Counselling can bring up difficult emotions, memories and thoughts so it is important that you feel comfortable with your counsellor.

If you are not sure whether counselling will be useful for you at this time you can always get in touch or arrange an initial session and explore with the counsellor what you hope to get out of counselling and whether this is something you can work together on.