Cost Of Counselling

For Individuals funding their own sessions I change £40 per session, which lasts 50 minutes to an hour.

For EAP’s, insurance and companies prices vary so please get in touch to discuss this.

I offer counselling face-to-face from an office in Greenock or Gourock, telephone counselling and online counselling.

If you would like to talk to decide whether you would like counselling I’m happy arranging a time for a chat over the phone or through email.

How many sessions will I need

This can be a tough question, especially when getting counselling for the first time. If you are getting therapy through the NHS, an agency or a charity they might be limited to a specific number of sessions.

If you are getting therapy privately the cost per session can vary depending on where in the country you are and the qualifications the therapist. Looking at the cost of sessions might be important when deciding how many sessions you want. Of course you don’t have to know this answer going in, but it’s always worth reviewing with your therapist through counselling.

What you are looking to get from counselling will also be an important factor to consider. Some people may only need a short number of sessions to get what they want out of counselling, and some people may want to work more longer term. Throughout counselling we will regularly check in and make sure you are still finding it helpful